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“In the kitchen, I usually step back to move forward. I turn around to see what I did, where I am in that moment, for asking myself where I’m going. Then, I move towards the future that has already passed. I leave with the baggage of culinary tradition of my land, and with unique raw materials.
I carry with me technique, passion, personality, and the journey are always unexpected. I see places where tradition becomes contemporary. I see an oxtail turned into a Rocher. I see salted codfish coming from Iceland to cheer themselves up. I meet people who speak my language: cooking. And when they listen, they open their mouths. And so, I improve myself, with the precious brigade de cuisine by my side.”
Join us on the trip and do not pack. Where we are going only need the essentials: just a little of curiosity and appetite.”

Chef Patron

Riccardo Di Giacinto

foglia color ristorante all'oro logo

The kitchen

Traditional – Contemporary

Respects the taste of the Italian tradition in modern twist.

The cellar

Our wine list is a war declaration against banality.

foglia color ristorante all'oro logo

Riccardo & Ramona

The story began in Parioli area and it achieved important awards and satisfactions in a few years. At the opening of All’Oro, Riccardo and Ramona took care of the management and growth of the restaurant in every single aspect. Gradually, other professionals joined them sharing their love for this job and for All’Oro Restaurant as well.

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All‘Oro’s home

All'Oro Restaurant