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Riccardo and Ramona Di Giacinto are two dynamic and well-focused entrepreneurs: after opening the first All’Oro in 2007, they decided to move to a 5 stars boutique hotel, close to Piazza del Popolo, where they stayed for 3 years learning how the hosting wholeness could be offered by combining high-level hotellerie and F&B. Hence All’Oro Restaurant has been moved totally changing skin, style and environment. Indeed, the restaurant was the starting point for the realization of the 5* Boutique Hotel, the house of All’Oro.

While waiting for the end of the work and the reopening of All’Oro and its home, Riccardo and Ramona could not be inactive so that they realized another creative dream.

For a long time, indeed, they have been planning a place that would be a mixture of cultures, beauty, flavors and so, in July 2016, among the streets of Ancient Rome, the Roman emperors and the Popes, the Renaissance and the Baroque, among Fori di Traiano and Torre delle Milizie, the churches and the blue sky of a timeless city full of history, they opened Madre – Ceviche, Spirits & Pasta Madre.

A place that is like a hug; it is like going through a mirror and coming into the garden of delights; a room that offers all beauty of life. A bright, warm, welcoming, luxuriant home that gives emotions and life every day, satisfying all desires and making time slower.

Then in March 2017, after 15 months of work, All’Oro reopened. The chef Riccardo Di Giacinto and his wife Ramona created the first “tailor made” hotel in Rome: The H’All Tailor Suite. It is built according to the guests’ desires and its heart is always All’Oro Restaurant. The H’All was born to be the home of All’Oro where Riccardo and Ramona may fully communicate their hospitality concept impressing it in every single detail.
However, Riccardo, his wife and their companion could not be inactive so that in October 2017 they undertook another big challenge: they brought their charming gastronomic knowledge to the exciting terraces of the new Rinascente luxury shopping mol in Via del Tritone. They fully respected the beauty and style of the building by creating a restaurant and a bar which enclose the Italian traditional tastes and products while combining them with the other Mediterranean flavors.
They created a place where Mediterranean beauty, culture and taste come together.
Madeiterraneo – Terrace Restaurant and Up Sunset Bar are on the sixth and seventh floors of the new Rinascente, where you can reach one of the most beautiful terraces of the capital with a 360 ° breathtaking view on the city between the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Fratte, San Peter, the Quirinale palace, the countless domes and the brick-colored roofs.
Here, guests who come in search of beauty could make their choice between restaurant and bar according to their needs and time available as well, open from 09.30 to 23.00.

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